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SMART INTERACTIVE e-tuition PROJECT FOR Students for best academic performance & excellence.

As we all know that there are 5(five) senses which we depend on to know and explore different objects around us and in the whole universe. Books have also been a source of constant information and knowledge since the ancient ages as manuscripts. But we had often observed that at certain times the syllabus fail to hold interest in the students mind, and thus study becomes boring for the students, which is a greater concern for more than 85% of the parents, as now-a-days the situation prevailing best relates itself to Darwin’s theory-“Survival for the fittest”, as competition has enhanced in almost every sphere be it school admissions/ inter-school examinations/ Madhyamik/ Higher Secondary/ Graduation /Entrances/ Jobs etc. and the only thing which is needed is the best performance of the participants, which is next to impossible without the best understanding of the concerned subject.

We are seriously concerned only on the best understanding & exploration of research and study techniques, which involves interactive audio visual aid, including 3D projections and also involving groups of students for miniature model assembling & dis-assembling, and a must educational excursion once in a year. We focus on the better understanding of the student’s requirements by providing them guidance of the experienced teachers/ electronic media/ miniature models and group discussions, creating a sense of love and understanding towards the subject/ study material.

Aims & Visions:

  • To conduct group discussion camps and assist the team to participate in national & international quiz competitions
  • To implement and monitor the different educational modules of our organization & govt. of India
  • To conduct diploma courses for various subjects.
  • To raise competence and knowledge of the students by conducting refresher’s courses and video conference classes.
  • To provide organizational support, documentation, and model scientific information in the view to achieve and excel in competitive exams.
  • To co-operate & co-ordinate with different organizations, to provide information on syllabus / model set of question.
  • To identify & promote talent among different age groups and groom them for academic excellence
  • To provide scientific back-up to students talents to achieve high level performance in studies.

 The courses we will be catering to:

  • Pre-Schools Montessori Method school syllabus (shapes/fruits/veg./season/alphabets/etc.)
  • Class I-to-IV Primary Syllabus under ICSE Board
  • Class I-to-IV Primary Syllabus under CBSE Board
  • Class I-to-IV Primary Syllabus under W.B Board
  • Class V-to-VIII Middle School Syllabus under ICSE Board
  • Class V-to-VIII Middle School Syllabus under CBSE Board
  • Class V-to-VIII Middle School Syllabus under W.B Board
  • Class IX-to-X Secondary Syllabus under ICSE Board
  • Class IX-to-X Secondary Syllabus under CBSE Board
  • Class IX-to-X Secondary Syllabus under W.B Board


There are huge scope for the above mentioned e-tuitions to start with, and we are confident to produce future achievers from our organization and make our students & parents PROUD. Later based on the development of the institution we may extend further for higher secondary classes and other entrance classes too.